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SurveillanceMatrimonial / Business

Our private investigators utilize advanced surveillance techniques and high tech gear to provide our clients with exceptional results. Read More..

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Attorney SupportInvestigations / Record Retrieval

Attorneys have utilized our investigators to conduct  surveillance, interviews,  accident scene investigations, background checks and records research. We identify and document all the facts and then provide them to your office in a timely and professional manner

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Business InvestigationsBusiness Intelligence

Brener Investigations Group provides our clients secure intelligence to assist them in making fair and competent decisions in the business sector.  Backed by facts we provide, your interests will be secure with positive growth.

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Family CourtChild Custody / Child Support

Our private investigators can help you find the answers and evidence needed for court proceedings. We are very successful in applying covert surveillance techniques to locate places of employment and other business interests of individuals.

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Asset InvestigationsBank Locate / Asset Locate

We will uncover tangible hidden assets such as cash, vehicles, securities, real estate, lines of credit, and lines against those assets or bankruptcies. We will do our part for your asset search and find these assets and uncover any liabilities that may be attached to them.

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Background InvestigationsTenant Screening / Pre-Employment

Our private investigators are tenacious, hardworking and professional when on our fact finding investigation assignments.  Before you hire someone, enter into contract or have someone new in your life let us do the discreet field work so that you can be sure everything checks out.

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Send us an Email or Call Us.  All calls and emails are handled with 100% confidence.

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Our Free and Discreet consultation will not be rushed.  You will speak to an experienced private investigator, who will listen to you and then make a professional plan of action based on our experience.  There are no obligations at all.

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We utilize contracts in our normal course of business and will always go over everything before you sign any paperwork. Our contracts are not overwhelming and clearly state our goals and responsibilities.


Our prices are competitive based on our many years of experience in private investigations.  We offer fair and reasonable pricing and payment options.


We will start your investigation promptly and will always give you a timeline of what to expect.  Our private investigators are always available to update you via phone or email.  In addition, we will provide updates from the field or as per your request.

Fight in Court:

Once we provide you with the completion of the investigation, we will continue to support your assignment.  Our private investigators are licensed, insured and bonded, and are always available to provide their expert testimony based on their finding.

Why Us?


Our private investigators have the experience and confidence to obtain the best results.  Don’t be fooled by other firms who do not have the experienced staff and instead sub-contract their investigative work.

Result Orientated

Brener Investigations Group has been around for many years and the reason is…We get results.

Field Work

Experience has confirmed that private investigators can only do so much behind their desks. To get the results that our clients expect, hitting the streets and doing the field work is necessary for a thorough investigation.

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