Pre-Employment / Partner

We offer our clients thorough Background Checks on all prospective employee and partners.  Experienced private investigators conduct the background checks.  A second private investigator verifies and cross checks all the information.

Civil / Criminal History

Our first step is to run the subject through a  national civil and criminal history background search. We uncover all civil and criminal actions, past and pending.  Private investigators dig deep to uncover all the details of any actions found.


If requested, our private investigators will conduct in-depth interviews with your potential new hire or business partner.  We are certified in advanced interviewing concepts.  Our private investigators can uncover deception and false representations.

Credit / Financial Outlook

Our private investigators and certified fraud examiners can check our potential new hire or partners for any issues with their finances.  We obtain this information via credit history and financial institution inquires, and then analyze them to provide you with a financial outlook on the individual.

Drug Screening

We provide drug screening to new hires and potential partners.

Asset Investigation

Asset Search / Asset Recovery

Our private investigators / certified fraud examiners can help you find assets and collect from any person or company for purposes of judgment enforcement, debtor collection, insurance claim, or for most types of legal support.

  • Bank Accounts
  • Property / Auto
  • Business Ownership
  • Brokerage Accounts
  • And more….

We offer FIXED RATE asset reports that are generated by our experienced private investigators.  We use public and private sources to establish a proven technique for information gathering.  Our results are thorough, verified and guaranteed.


Our Advanced asset investigations incorporate surveillance, active financial monitoring and use of more secured financial institutional information to establish.


The ultimate goal is to guide you through your unique request so that you may collect on your debt, use as leverage in your negotiations and understand your position in your ventures.

Pre-Marital / Relationship

Criminal History

Checking someone’s background before he or she becomes a part of your life, can only protect you.

At Brener Investigations Group, we have been performing criminal background for over 20 years. Our experienced investigators and certified fraud examiners  utilize up-to-date techniques and equipment to provide you with the background information you need to make critical decisions.

Civil History

Using our public and private databases, we provide you with factual and verified information on any persons. Our thorough reports include and civil actions, prior marital history, address history and employment history.  These investigations go back as far as 20 years and are national.  We have investigators in 50 states and over 100 countries.

Financial History

Our private investigators are highly skilled in uncovering any individuals true financial outlook.  We use private and public sources to obtain credit history and banking information to provide our clients guaranteed results.

Due Diligence

Brener Investigations Group provides comprehensive due diligence and background investigations on individuals and businesses to minimize exposure to risk and ensure success with new hires, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, or similar business dealings. Brener Investigations Group confirms the history and authenticity of the person or entity in question through a combination of human intelligence sources, a wide spectrum of database tools, and other techniques, such as surveillance and personal interviews. Extensive social media site research is conducted to identify relevant activities.

Asset Search

Asset searching is one of the most challenging investigative endeavors. Clients are invariably faced with the regulatory and legal environment precluding you from identifying financial relationships. Fortunately, hidden assets are typically utilized somewhere in the stream of commerce and with tenacious investigation and creativity they can be located and potentially seized.

Brener Investigations Group conducts thorough and complex asset investigations successfully to assist our clients. We have the capability to conduct asset investigations in more than 100 countries. These investigations are conducted on behalf of U.S. and international law firms that represent individuals and companies who have been defrauded or are involved in financial litigation.

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