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Asset Investigations / Judgment Recovery


Brener Investigations Group’s asset investigators, Certified Fraud Examiners and private investigators provide assistance on legal cases with dedication and vigor. We are court-tested, detail-orientated and professional asset private investigators.  Our asset investigations and recovery are successful because we understand the actions and patterns of bad debtors.  This comes from many years of experience chasing down bad debtors in Florida and New York City.

What Are Asset Investigations?

Asset investigations involve the process of identifying and locating assets (e.g. property, cash, investments) that are owned by an individual or organization. The purpose of an asset investigation can vary, such as in the case of a legal dispute where one party is attempting to locate assets that can be used to satisfy a judgment, or in the case of a criminal investigation where the authorities are attempting to locate assets that were obtained through illegal means. Asset investigations can also be conducted by private investigators, such as in the case of a divorce proceeding where one party is attempting to locate assets that were not disclosed during the divorce proceedings.

How Are Assets Located?

There are several ways to locate assets, depending on the type of asset and the information available. Some common methods used in asset investigations include:

  • Public records search: This involves searching through government records such as property records, court records, and business records to locate assets owned by an individual or organization.
  • Financial records search: This involves searching through bank records, investment records, and tax records to locate assets such as bank accounts, stocks, and bonds.
  • Social media and online search: This involves searching through social media profiles and online directories to locate assets such as real estate properties and businesses.
  • Interviews: This involves interviewing family members, friends, business associates, and others who may have knowledge of the individual or organization’s assets.
  • Surveillance: This involves physically following the subject of the investigation to gather information on their assets, such as vehicles they drive or properties they visit.
  • Professional Network: Hiring a private investigator, forensic accountant or other professional that have the expertise and access to the specialized databases and resources to locate assets.

It’s worth noting that asset investigations can be complex and time-consuming and may require the use of multiple methods to locate all assets.

How Long Does It Take To Conduct Asset Investigations?

The duration of an asset investigation can vary widely depending on the complexity of the case and the amount and type of assets being sought. A straightforward case involving a small number of easily located assets could be completed in a matter of days, while a complex case involving a large number of assets and multiple jurisdictions could take weeks or even months to complete.

Some factors that can affect the duration of an asset investigation include:

  • The availability and accessibility of information: If the subject of the investigation has made efforts to conceal their assets, it may take longer to locate them.
  • The scope of the investigation: A broader scope that covers multiple jurisdictions or types of assets will take longer to complete than a narrower scope that focuses on a specific asset or location.
  • The number of assets: The more assets that need to be located, the longer the investigation will take.
  • The complexity of the assets: Some assets, such as real estate properties, can be more difficult to locate and value than others, such as bank accounts.

In general, it is important to have realistic expectations about the duration of an asset investigation and to be prepared for the process to take longer than initially anticipated. It is also important to work with an asset private investigator who has the experience and resources to conduct an effective and efficient investigation.



Private Investigators collect evidence on all post-marital agreements, including Cohabitation, spousal support / maintenance and alimony.  We have the  ability to access resources unavailable to most, and in conjunction with properly executed surveillance and other evidence gathering techniques, we are able to provide our clients the necessary evidence to proceed with successful modifications in cases of child support, spousal support / maintenance and cohabitation agreements.

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Experienced private investigators using a multi-step approach, including surveillance, income verification, employment verification and asset investigation to address child support issues post and pre-divorce.



Our private investigators are skilled and very successful in conducting extensive searches for bank accounts, brokerage accounts, stocks, bonds, intellectual property, real estate, safe deposit boxes, automobiles, watercraft,  and aircraft.  Through years of experience, we understand that persistence is often key in recovering judgments from debtors that have a history of defaulting