Child Custody Investigations in Florida

Child Custody Investigators

Florida Child Custody Investigators

Here at Brener Investigations Group, we understand the delicate nature of child custody investigations. Our child custody investigators in Florida always focus on the child’s safety, well-being, and treatment. Our goal is to objectively examine the child’s treatment by the parent in question, collect evidence and present our findings to a court.

Our private investigators are trained in child custody matters and understand how to spot the signs of child abuse and neglect.  We commit our resources to establish a plan to legally collect evidence to be presented on your behalf in family court proceedings.  We base our plans on the dozens of successful child custody investigations that we have concluded in Florida and New York City.

Why is it important to hire a private investigator for a child custody investigation?

Often during a divorce, children are used as pawns between two parents who are bitter toward each other. They use children as leverage in divorce proceedings to negotiate, leaving the well-being of the children on the back burner.

If a parent is concerned that the other parent is unfit, but may have difficulty showing this in a court, a private investigator can help. We know the legal requirements regarding evidence and can provide expert testimony on behalf of our findings in court. Whether the investigation is for child custody or child visitation rights, private investigators can help learn the facts, obtain the evidence and provide expert testimony in court.

A private investigator that has experience in child custody matters will:

  • Listen to and understand the issues and concerns presented to our client during consultations and meetings.  There should be no time limit on consultations and you should not feel like you are rushed.  There are a lot of facts to be heard and emotions involved.
  • Explain in detail what private investigators can and cannot do during an investigation.  The key to a successful child custody investigation is to obtain evidence legally to be presented in court.  We have heard of countless cases where private investigators did not obtain the crucial evidence legally, and therefore not admissible in court.
  • Come up with a clear plan that outlines the goals, actionable steps to obtain the evidence, timeline and budget.
  • Always provide an easy-to-understand contract that contains the scope of services in the investigation and financial obligations.
  • Explain what to expect at the end of the investigation and the possibility that our private investigators will need to testify in the child custody hearings.

How can a Private Investigator help in a Child Custody Investigation

In the course of a Child Custody Investigation, our experienced private investigators conduct surveillance, perform background checks and conduct witness interviews to ensure that we obtain all the relevant facts.

  • Utilize surveillance to document the parent interactions with the child.  All video evidence is collected in 4K HD.  We utilize night vision technology, hidden camera systems and remote monitoring solutions.
  • Provide evidence concerning activities that may have a negative impact on the child such as: Reckless Driving, Gambling, Drug and Alcohol Abuse and other criminal activities.  Our background checks provide information about criminal history, civil history, employment history and income verification.
  • Collect evidence that show signs of a parent not providing a safe and hygienic living space, food, or other necessities.
  • Discreetly obtain witness statements concerning the daily activities, living conditions, social interactions and parental interactions. There are different ways to approach a witness. The approach needs to be discreet and with a good pretext.  Private investigators have years of practice in the field, adjusting and perfecting their skills.

What are our direct areas of coverage for child custody investigations?

Our private investigators in South Florida have many years of field experience in cities like Miami, Miami Beach, Ft.Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Delray Beach, Davie, Coral Gables, Deerfield Beach, Parkland, Coral Springs, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Boynton Beach, Wellington, Orlando area, Tampa, Naples, and Clearwater.  These cities, and more are our backyards and we know the neighborhoods, people, and attitude.  When it comes to getting results, it is important to work with local private investigators who know how to get the evidence discreetly and efficiently.