Common Questions for Private Investigator


  • Does a Private Investigator need to be licensed and/or insured?

    Private Investigators are required by law to be licensed in every state that they wish to solicit and conduct investigations. However, being bonded and insured is not required in every state. For example, In New York, private investigators need to be licensed and bonded, but insurance is optional. In Florida, private investigators are required to be licensed but not bonded, and insurance is also optional. At Brener Investigations Group, we are licensed, bonded and insured in Florida and New York. In addition to our home states. Ee hold reciprocity licensure in many states and have an extended network of private investigators throughout the USA that we have a positive work history.

  • Will my case be treated confidentially by a private investigator and what is the privacy policy?

    At Brener Investigations Group, our client's privacy is essential. Regardless of what type of investigation is needed, all communication is secure. When our private investigators are out in the field, they are discreet and keep all confidential material secure. Although not every investigation needs to be discreet, all client information is held with great confidence.

  • Are consultations free and discreet?

    Absolutely Yes. All of our consultation are 100% free and 100% discreet. We do not rush our free consultations, which can be done in person, via telephone, video conferencing or email.

  • Will I be updated during the investigation?

    Yes, the private investigator working on your case will discuss your preference for updates with you. We can provide updates from the field, end of day or assignment updates via text, phone call or email.

  • Are the final results of the investigation admissible in court and can the private investigator testify in court if needed?

    Yes, evidence a licensed private investigator collected legally is admissible in court. Often, the private investigator who collected that evidence is requested to court to testify to its validity.

  • Do you have a contract or an agreement form?

    Yes, before the start of the investigation a contract is prepared for our client's review. It outlines the scope of the investigation and pricing as discussed.