Private Investigators in Ft. Lauderdale

Private Investigators in Fort Lauderdale Florida

The private investigators at Brener Investigations Group are experienced private investigators specializing in Domestic, Business, and Background Investigations.  Since 1998, we have been providing our clients with actionable intelligence by collecting evidence and information that allows them to make fair and competent decisions.  Our licensed and insured private investigation agency is located in South Florida. We have an extended reach of experienced private investigators throughout all of Florida and the rest of the United States.

Our team of diverse private investigators comes from various backgrounds and specialties. This allows us to obtain positive results professionally, efficiently, and with the highest quality. We are multilingual and have private investigators who can speak Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Fort Lauderdale is an active city in South Florida that welcomes millions of tourists from around the country and the world.  There are miles and miles of beaches to enjoy, restaurants on Las Olas Boulevard, boating, and of course, great nightlife.  It does not matter if you are a local or an out-of-towner, there is something to do for everyone.  Some people come to relax on the beach all day and then enjoy a nice meal at one of the great restaurants on A1A, Los Olas Blvd., or Lauderdale by the Sea.  Others like to spend some time on the beach and then take on the night at the dozens of bars and nightclubs that are located in Fort Lauderdale and Lauderdale by the Sea.

Our private investigators located in Fort Lauderdale have worked and lived in the area for many years and have the resources that allow them to discreetly obtain the evidence needed.

How Can A Private Investigator Help?

We understand that when someone decides to call us they are doing so during a very stressful time in their lives.  Stress is not good for the body and mind, so it is our goal is to resolve your issue and allow you to move forward.

Our discreet and confidential consultation allows us to clearly understand the issue, offer our expert advice and execute a plan of action in order to obtain the facts.  We do not rush our clients during our consultations and we do not start an investigation without outlining the goals.

So, how can a private investigator help you?

  • A consultation where you can comfortably confide with an experienced private investigator, who can understand the issue from the perspective of both the client and investigator.
  • Obtain a clear goal to bring resolution to the issue.
  • Execute a successful investigation by discreetly obtaining the evidence needed to reach each goal outlined.
  • Bring closure and allow our clients to make fair and competent decisions moving forward.

Experienced private investigators give people the ability to bring resolution to a problem that may be beyond their control.  Often it is best to seek assistance from a professional who is on the outside, can offer advice, provide a plan and deliver results. The same as when you may need a doctor, attorney, or painter, private investigators offer expert knowledge and skillset to bring final resolution to an issue.

What Services Do Private Investigators Offer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

Private Investigators in Florida
Domestic Investigations / Infidelity - Child Custody - Missing Persons
Brener Investigations Group has experience in conducting a wide range of domestic investigations. Our infidelity private investigators are skilled in obtaining evidence for cheating husband / cheating wife cases. We have conducted hundreds of successful child custody investigations, where having experience and knowledge of the legal system is crucial. In addition, our private investigators have successfully conducting cases involving missing persons in Florida, elder abuse and neglect, and social media investigations. We work with the utmost professionalism and deliver outstanding results in confidence.
Private investigator business investigations in florida
Business Investigations / Employee Theft - Conflict of Interest - Information
Ft. Lauderdale is a vibrant community that has a mix of both big and small businesses. We offer investigation services that, thru fact-finding, will allow business owners to make the most competent decisions. Our experienced private investigators specialize in employee theft, conflict of interest, non-compete cases and also provide information services that result in actionable intelligence. We use a multi-step approach that may involve surveillance, background investigations, and other fact-finding techniques.
pre-employment background check, background investigations
Background Investigations / Pre-Employment Screening - Relationship - Asset
Our experienced private investigators in Ft. Lauderdale conduct background investigations in South Florida to assist individuals with obtaining facts on businesses and other individuals. We provide pre-employment screening services for businesses, background checks on individuals who are in relationships and want to verify certain information, potential partners, contractors and anyone else who stands to gain from your trust in them.