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infidelity investigations

Infidelity Investigations


Private investigators conduct confidential and discreet infidelity investigations. Brener Investigations Group work closely with you to discover and verify the facts pertaining to each unique situation.​ We use state of the art video equipment during our covert surveillance of cheating spouse, combined with the ingenuity that our experienced private investigators have developed to provide the facts. Whether you need evidence for court proceedings or just to ease your gut feeling about a relationship, we can help.

Our Florida private investigators are well trained in the art of surveillance, and are ready to go above and beyond to obtain the evidence you need for questions concerning infidelity. Our infidelity investigators are always in communication with our clients and provide live updates from the field. Our goal is to complete the investigation by getting the evidence needed efficiently and fast. With over 20 years of experience catching cheating spouses, we know all the tricks to obtain evidence that cannot be refuted.

Our knowledge and access to resources allow us to go where most cannot to discreetly obtain photos and video. In addition to the physical evidence we collect during the course of the infidelity investigation, our private investigators are trained to look for evidence that can assist you during the divorce process. We can uncover assets that were unknown to the spouse, learn about business holdings and ventures that were previously unknown. Infidelity investigators are trained to look for signs when a cheating spouse uses marital assets to facilitate a relationship. This such evidence can play a vital role in spousal support / alimony and child support decisions in family court.

Social Media Investigations

When Brener Investigations Group conducts Social Media Investigation, we have one goal in mind: getting you the answers you need. Our private investigators use both traditional and cutting-edge investigative methods to gather information from places on the web that people don’t look for. Our Digital Forensics team can assist you in recovering vital evidence from electronic devices. This service can be done remotely and even if the data has been hidden or deleted. The digital surveillance of cheating spouse is a powerful tool used by our private investigators.

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