Pre-Marital / Relationship Background checks

Pre-Marital Background check

Pre-Marital Background Check Investigations

Checking someone’s background before he or she becomes a part of your life, can only protect you.

At Brener Investigations Group, we have been performing background investigations for over 20 years. Our experienced investigators and certified fraud examiners  utilize up-to-date techniques and equipment to provide you with the background information you need to make critical decisions in your personal life.

Using our public and private databases, we provide you with factual and verified information on any persons. Our thorough reports include and civil actions, prior marital history, address history and employment history.  These investigations go back as far as 20 years and are national.  We have investigators in 50 states and over 100 countries.

Our private investigators are highly skilled in uncovering any individuals true financial outlook.  We use private and public sources to obtain credit history and banking information to provide our clients guaranteed results.

Why is it Best to Hire a Private Investigator to Conduct a Background Check or Investigation?

Hiring a private investigator to conduct a background check vs an internet based background check company has many advantages.  In fact, the only advantage that an internet based background check company may have over a private investigator is cost.  Some of the many advantages a private investigator has are:

Discretion / Knowledge

  • You are able to discreetly speak to a private investigator who is experienced with understanding the needs of clients when it comes to conducting discreet background checks on individuals.  Private investigators are able to recognize red flags that may warrant background checks and guide you through the process and expectations from start to finish.

Guaranteed Results / Access to Resources

  • Private Investigators provide the most accurate background checks because they do not rely on corrugated public records that are usually out of date, incomplete and lack records from many counties nationwide.
  • Private Investigators are able to provide information that is not available by internet search based companies.

What Information Can A Private Investigator Provide?

Private Investigators have access to a lot of resources, some public and some private.  For the greatest accuracy in our results, we use multiple databases and then cross reference each to establish the most current and factual information.

We are able to provide information pertaining to:

  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Income Verification
  • Criminal History Background Check
  • Civil History (open and closed court cases on the City, County, State and Federal levels)
  • Liens / Judgments / Bankruptcy
  • Professional License Verification
  • Address History
  • Financial Outlook / Credit History

How long does it generally take to get back results?

In most cases, a background check will take approximately 5-10 business days to complete.  Of course, this is just a general timeframe and time to completion of a background check varies by its complexity and jurisdictions involved.  For example, a background check request for a criminal history on an individual residing in the state of Pennsylvania will take several days to a week longer than the same check in the state of Florida.

As mentioned earlier, we do not rely on corrugated public records as many jurisdictions do not make their records available with ease to the general public.  In these cases, sometimes an investigator would be needed to physically go to the courthouse or records department to retrieve the records.  We guarantee accuracy on all of our background checks and so we do not leave any stones unturned.

How much does a background check cost?

As all circumstances surrounding the need for a background check are different, we do not generally charge a blanket price for background check services.  Our process is to first start with a discreet and confidential consultation, where a private investigator will listen to all of your concerns.  We then would advise you to what would be needed, the cost and turn around time to the completion of the investigation.