Witness Locate / Witness Statements

Locating Witnesses

Witness Locating Investigations

Witnesses are crucial to uncovering the facts about a wide range of occurrences. Often a case may hinge on the statement or testimony of a witness who is completely unaware they know the information or are aware someone may be looking for them.

The most common cases involving witness location assignments include:

  • Insurance investigations
  • Motor vehicle accident investigations
  • Criminal investigations
  • Child abuse investigations
  • Missing persons investigations

Our experienced private investigators are experts in witness location techniques and  ensuring cooperation from the witness once they have been found. We will work to ascertain their location, contact information and provide an assessment on the viability of securing the witness to testify or make a statement. We use a variety of tools such as:

  • Neighborhood canvasses
  • Researching public and private databases (DMV, court records, utility records)
  • Social media

Witness Interview

Locating a witness is only half of the battle.  Once located, a potential witness needs to be examined and convinced to cooperate via written or oral statement. In most investigations, interviews are the most important tool for investigators to learn the facts from a first-hand witness.  Our experienced private investigators do not make assumptions until all facts are gathered and analyzed, as doing so can result in missing very important details.

At Brener Investigations Group, our private investigators are trained in advanced interview techniques.  We understand the importance of witnesses and we work hard to:

  • Quickly locate and secure statements (written,oral and/or video), as we know that time is crucial for memory and witness tampering.
  • Asking the proper open-ended questions to obtain the most facts.
  • Focus on the facts
  • Obtaining potential new witnesses
  • Keeping all information confidential