Background Check Investigations


Brener Investigations Group provides pre-employment and comprehensive background checks on individuals and businesses in all 50 US states and abroad. Our experienced private investigators in Florida are thorough and all our work is guaranteed to be accurate.  We have access to resources that most private investigators do not, allowing us to obtain the most desired evidence and information for our clients.

Background checks into individuals and businesses can be conducted in many layers and the success of obtaining the correct information is with the proper use of research, and discreet field work.  These background checks by Brener Investigations Group can be very simple or very complex.  Our private investigators are trained through their experience to understand what our clients need to know, and then execute the investigation to obtain the evidence our clients need.

We use a multi step approach when conducting our background checks and all work is reviewed prior to delivery to the client.


Pre-employment screening services are an integral part of the hiring process. By properly screening a candidate through a comprehensive background check process, employers increase the chances of preventing negligent hiring lawsuits and provide a safer work environment to their employees.

We offer a 6 step pre-employment background check which includes a criminal history search, Employment, Education, Motor vehicle history and Drug screening.  All pre-employment background screenings are handled by experienced private investigator and all background checks can be customized to specific requests.

A comprehensive background report is provided to our clients and we always make the availability to go over the investigation findings in person.

Partner / Investor

Brener Investigations Group provides comprehensive due diligence and background checks on individuals and businesses to minimize exposure to risk and ensure success with new hires, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, or similar business dealings.

Experienced private investigators confirm the history and authenticity of the person or entity in question through a combination of human intelligence sources, a wide spectrum of database tools, and other techniques, such as surveillance and personal interviews. Extensive social media site research is conducted to identify relevant activities.

Pre-Marital / Relationship

At Brener Investigations Group, we have been performing criminal background for over 20 years. Our experienced private investigators utilize up-to-date techniques and equipment to provide you with the background information you need to make critical decisions.

Checking someone’s background before he or she becomes a part of your life, can only protect you. Our background checks verify persons criminal history, civil history and financial outlook.  All our investigations are handled discreetly and our final reports are delivered with the upmost confidentiality.