Pre-Employment Background Checks

Pre-Employment background screening

 What Are Background Checks and How Are They Of Benefit?

Pre-employment background checks and other employment screening services are an integral part of the hiring process. By properly screening a candidate through a comprehensive background check process, employers increase the chances of preventing negligent hiring lawsuits and provide a safer work environment for their employees.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Private Investigations Firm Over An Online Company?

  • With years of experience a private investigator is an individually licensed investigator with the State instead of an online company that may have a blanket license and employees who have no investigative experience.
  • Private investigators do not rely on public databases that are often outdated.  We understand that access to the most current proprietary databases is crucial to a complete background check.  Online companies just process inexpensive civil and criminal history reports from companies that collect public records.  These records are not often updated, lack information from many resources and many jurisdictions in the USA do not share public records.  When you hire a private investigator, you hire an individual who verifies and investigates in further detail because we are held accountable for the information we provide our clients.
  • Private investigators offer a more detailed analysis of individuals.  We understand that certain clients need to be discreet, and so all of our background check investigations are discreet and handled with 100% confidence.
  • We build relationships with individuals and businesses by forming a good working relationship with our clients.  We are a personal service that is backed by knowledge and trust.

What Does A Pre-Employment Background Check Contain?

6-Step Background Check for New Hires and Current Employees


Establishing whether an employee has a criminal record is crucial in assessing the risk of bringing that person into your organization. While not every crime would automatically prevent an applicant from being hired, having that knowledge allows you to make a fair and competent decision.

Our private investigators perform thorough criminal history searches in all U.S States and also in over 100 countries.

When we say thorough, we mean we do not just simply plug a name into some database and present those results in our final report.  Many states, counties, and townships do not participate in online database sharing.  Instead, each has to be individually searched and queried.  We identify your candidate’s address history and individually search all counties and townships to which they were found to have a residence or association.


Job candidates are going to say whatever they can to get the desired job. There are times when applicants exclude certain jobs or vital information from their resume hoping that the employer will not find it out.

Our skilled private investigators will research each individual and obtain a detailed work history based on private and public databases.  We will then compare those finding with what the candidate listed on the resume that they provided.  Those findings will be reported to you.

In addition, our private investigators will contact each previous employer and ask all the relevant questions that will allow you to make the correct hiring decisions.


Our skilled private investigators will confirm all your candidates education history and also perform a degree verification.


We obtain the most current motor vehicle history report.  These detailed reports contain information such as any moving violations, suspensions and if their drivers license has ever been revoked.


With a signed release from the candidate, we will obtain the most current consumer credit reports.  These report will include a FICO credit score and a detailed list of all credit relationships.


If desired, we will obtain the most advanced 12-panel drug screening on all job candidates.  These screenings are 99% accurate and cover the following narcotics: AMP/BAR/BUP/BZO/COC/mAMP/MDMA/MTD/MOR/OXY/PCP/THC

How Much Does A Pre-Employment Background Check Cost?

A pre-employment background check typically ranges between $150 to $300 to complete.  The range is based on individual states and the amount they charge for completing an accurate criminal history search.  In addition, certain individuals that we find have resided in multiple states would require individual searches by state.  This is an example of how thorough a private investigator  is when conducting a background check.

In addition to the typical fees, we offer specialized background investigations.  These types of background check investigations may involve surveillance, field investigations, and/or financial information and would require additional costs, which may be hourly or fixed.

How Long Do Pre-Employment Background Checks Take To Complete?

Background checks have a typical turn around time of 2-7 days.  Days to completion vary by the state, the number states queried and if any specialized information is requested.